Reclaim our freedom, escape slavery & exploitation

In this blog I will show you, step-by-step, that you are Free and Powerful. It is by deceit that your freedom and power have been taken away, not only leaving you with no “Free and Arbitrary Choice”, but also rendering you disabled to exercise “free and Arbitrary Choice”. And this Brainwash is accomplished by what you call “The System”, i.e., everyone other than You, and this begins from the very moment you are born. Then, thus deluded, you do likewise –or maybe, because of your fears aggravated by your Survival Instinct — to the ones in proximity, a cascading effect ensuing …  and a vicious whirlpool, dragging down everyone to the abyss of hopelessness.

But memorise thisirrespective of your present condition, you are Free and Powerful the moment you begin believing you are Free and Powerful, and can become God — i.e., Godlike in the ability to create anything (not saying immediately, but with perseverance, over time, collectively and cooperatively with really bright people, once we create Artificial Intelligence, we will) when you believe it is possible. You are Free when you no longer succumb to Fear but acknowledge it, dedicate yourself to renounce your present state in favour of a better state, and embrace happiness.

This is not some freak religious idea, it is based on application of pure logic, contemplation and wisdom about the world around us. It is our weakness and fear of suffering that binds us, enslaves us, renders us powerless. Our weakness and fears have given rise to every Oppressive Institutions that surrounds and binds us.


So you believe exploitation doesn’t really exist, Slavery is an obsolete word, We all are free, …

Think again.

You are in bed. You don’t want to get out of it. You want to continue dreaming the dream that has been so elusive! You want to roam around aimlessly in the mountains, but you can’t. Your mum pesters you to get up for school. You have to attend your daily desk job. You have to go shopping to stack up your fridge…

When you have entered into a contract – verbal or otherwise – with another person or entity and that contract weighs you down, you are not free. You are enslaved by the contract. And whether or not you know it your rights will gradually dwindle in future, if you are not in a position of strength, or if the entity comprises of more than one person. More than anything else, we are our own enemies. We have hunger to quench, we feel physical pain and sorrow, we have to allay our fears, build a shelter, protect our children, … While in discomfort, we are susceptible to entering into contracts which could be detrimental for us in future. We might even be aware of the pitfalls but have no alternative.

And some use our weaknesses as opportunities.

One way of escaping exploitation is to be an exploiter – not as those bandits of yesteryear, but less ubiquitous ones in the forms of banks, corporations, manufacturers, healthcare providers, educational institutions, … entities people can’t do without, entities looking for unsuspecting victims, working for profits. And we don’t have a scarcity of unsuspecting victims.

But if our morality stands between us and our goal of securing our future we are done for! Do we have any hope to overcome our weakness?

Think about it.

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