A Patent and a Book

In the year 1997 I filed a patent application for a device I invented that would help learning music intuitive and mathematical.

It is not that the invention is something outstanding. I just wanted to test my abilities to procure a Patent from one of the most, … to be politically correct, one of the most-differently abled governmental systems of the world. The application was filed to Testing The Waters. And I was able to procure a patent, after a wait of seven long years, by arguing with and convincing a Patents Superintendent who was … well, differently-abled. Of course, a junior Inspector quickly understood what my invention was and supported me, without asking for greasing his palms.

The pertinent point for me was that I did not employ the services of a lawyer, but did all the work myself – from drafting, drawing to filing.

So it was a good learning experience for me — discovering that even in a differently-abled system there still were some helpful people working to keep the system rational. A political system is one that attracts the most pathologically parasitic of all people. What the helpful people failed to understand is that The System is the proverbial “Dog’s Tail”. One could simply not rationalise an Irrational System. It is futile to even try.

Anyway, here is the Patent document:


And here is the link on how to make the instrument to ease learning music and Music Theory. The book was copyrighted from the Copyrights Office, India.

In the end, I have improved myself so much that for any commercial object I come across I can plan an improvement in their designs in almost within a minute. But I have stopped improving the plans and sharing my innovations. It serves only to empower others and dis-empower and attenuate myself and lessen my bargaining power in this animal world. It’s the same for every innovator.

The System has been designed with this specific purpose as its foundation — to use innovators at the lowest possible cost, whereas the innovators are the real drivers who could help survive the war on Evolution. An animal innovator doesn’t understand that its ideas are being usurped.  Maybe, it just has a mating advantage. But it is not the animal world that is at the apex of the food pyramid by cheating. We have superseded them, haven’t we?! We have understood the Game of Cheating and hence can catch cheats.

The System survives by discouraging us from pursuing cheats by displaying its collective might.

And I assure you, because of this ploy The System shall fail. It is bound to fail.