Gatekeepers and Middlemen – against freedom and livelihood

This page is about an offshoot of the Digital Revolution – digitising documents. And with this new opportunity comes along the middlemen, the gatekeepers and the controllers, purportedly mediating between the opportunity-seeker and the -provider.

At a glance, the role is that of a facilitator, but just as Life is itself a game that has its own life, the role of middlemen has a life of its own, morphing, changing, and evolving constantly. The innocuous role gradually becomes very influential.

Doing nothing, but building a platform for seekers and providers to interact, taking a cut money…  Does it sound similar?

Why the two don’t freely interact? So much sacrificing of freedom just for the sake of security?


I like to learn new things that further broadens my horizon. Therefore, I like to participate in projects relating to digitisation of books. For people the work is generally thankless, repetitive and tedious, but for me this very boring work brings a new hope. There are millions of books out there that are still to be digitised. Some may contain materials that might spark a new paradigm. I would love to have a peek at those unseen books and cherish their oblique touch. Naturally, I would also like to participate in digitisation of old books available only at some distant libraries!

When, of late, I tried to participate in such projects, I found that there already were gatekeepers who had set themselves up to be intermediaries to the service providers and the service recipients. You had not only to register yourselves with these sites, but also to take their examinations and pay them for advanced services.

Who knows the quality of their advanced services? Only those who have paid and may already have considered the amount lost. Their voices of dissent and warnings are drowned by Google’s ranked searches.

I am a sceptical man. Yes, there will be people who would be more competent than I am in each of the things I can do, but I don’t believe there might be people who could work solely for my benefit. Why should they? They have opened their shops just for their personal benefits. Only I can truly understand my own interests and work towards fulfilling them.

So how could I procure such projects? I reckon writing a blog to express my needs and my intent for this sort of work is the only way to find a breakthrough deal that would fulfil my interest. This way I would also be able to ensure whether my counterpart is worthy of my services.

I could be reached by email at my user-Id. as my Alias/Avatar at Gmail with definite proposals, and we could communicate.

Just send me a couple of your pages to digitise and see how I convert them. As simple as that!

Why entertain the redundant gatekeepers? Directly test my skills instead!

The favourite argument of the gatekeepers is that they provide a secure platform to mediate between either parties. But think: who can look after our best interests other than ourselves?

What we aren’t told is that this third party owes its very existence at our costs and in the end becomes our controllers. I would rather like to tackle a couple of fraudsters than wilfully hand over my controls to a third party.

Hope you would, too.

Man’s world is the outcome of an evolutionary game of the evolving brain and its interactions with other brains. Want it or not, you are compelled to participate in the game so long as you have your body. Which is why after a point remaining human is detrimental to self-development.

The wikis below, courtesy Wikipedia, offer more clues.

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