Regarding intent for entering into contract

Can you ascertain the intent of the opposite party(ies) when entering into a contract with them? We are liable to be exploited and enslaved just because we don’t know the intent of the opposite party(ies).
Is intent knowable?
Partially yes, if you are an equal partner with your opposite party(ies) and have the liberty to enquire by questions.
But what about lying? History is witness to infinite occurrences of exploitation and slavery just because lying could not be discerned.
It is not possible to walk out of a contract even when you understand you have been cheated. There are elements of threats, coercion and suffering, real of perceived, which may follow disclosure of your intent to break free from a contract.
Today, scientific techniques are available to catch liars, but you can implement them only if you have means which, most of the time, you don’t have.

You… we… are powerless if we believe we are powerless.
But stop to think! Threats, coercion, suffering work so long as we cling to life. If we don’t, no one can bend us. To be free from our mortal fears we must not only conquer death but also accept it as our finality.
Interestingly, note that all lands, following one or the other Abrahamic faiths, have built hedges against self-inflicted death. They have built a concept of ‘Hell’ where you end up suffering eternally if you commit a crime against God.
What type of God is one if he doesn’t reveal himself during our darkest hour, doesn’t liberate us from suffering? Did anyone, who had loving parents, face such ignominy, especially when we were kids?! And considering the powers of God, we are not even dust in comparison! Why should someone so compassionate enjoy the pleasure of tormenting a dust particle?
We just don’t know whether there is a paradise or Hell. We were just told so in scriptures.
Who ascertains the scriptures are right? Has God ever told you they are? But no! We don’t walk along this simple and self-evident path. And we are trapped.
Say, someone says the scriptures are right. If he is powerful, you must agree that they are right. Otherwise, you fear you will be tortured and tormented. You also begin to doubt yourself and think: if there indeed is a God who seeks to satisfy Himself by punishing us, then at the end of our lives we will be in Hell. You also think: Why should God, so infinitely powerful that He is,  at all bother to come down and defend his decision, and that too by explaining His action to an insignificant entity like I am? He must have appointed the individual who is now directing you – otherwise He would have punished the individual for threatening you – to do so, just by that individual’s display of might!
You obey and tell those who believe, or love, you to obey.  Otherwise, you fear you will face torture in the present life or eternal suffering in your afterlife.
Are you not harming those who believe you, even love you, especially, your innocent children? Why to put them under the oppressive weight of bondage to the imagined strong?
And who is strong? Who is weak? The chimp-like predecessors of the modern man was helpless in comparison to the fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex, even the modern Big cats. But ultimately the helpless ape-like entities evolved to threaten and replace the big cats in the global Food Chain! T.Rex? Wiped off the face of the earth about 65 million years ago, while tiny shrew-like proto-mammals survived and went on to become the dominant species on the earth!
Is surrendering to an unknown force(s) or entity(s) not a lame game of going around in circles? Are you not sick who has trapped himself into a vicious whirlpool of self-fulfilling prophesies?
Also remember that it is in the most oppressive environments that people contemplate about suicide – not the physical act of suicide, but surrendering to destiny and losing Free Will. We must strive for the fullest manifestation of the indomitable and personal Free Will, whatever the eventuality be.

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