How we delude and entrap ourselves

We now enter the heart of the issue: How we delude and entrap ourselves.
I wanted to write this article as a book and publish it the normal way. The book began as an autobiography, two decades back. Then it changed its structure as I evolved along the journey, as I learnt about the new hedges that have been put across my path to thwart my self-development and make me work for The System.
Along the way I followed a writing course, articulated some of my really deep queries, searched for answers and self-guided myself for better queries and answers.
I learnt that publishers are risk-averse. They don’t take rookie writers except in some rare accident or coincidence.
I was determined to write the only one book I could write and publish. So I tried the self-publishing route.
Hedges were there too. Self-publishing is generally a compromise on competence of the editorial team and risks getting entrapped in convoluted agreements between the author and the publishing company. The terms and conditions are heavily against authors, but presented as innocuous. If you wrote a radical book chances were that they would not see the daylight.
And self-publishing requires money – for an author from the third world the exchange rate is a disincentive.
Moreover, a physical book can be banned in the country of its birth, if the administration perceives the book will undermine its authority.
However, there is no threat in truth as such, but only in its perception by the second and third parties.
Then I decided that the most important thing for me was to share my experiences with others and make them aware of the pitfalls I have come across.
If man is stripped off all his social conditioning the only feelings that can grow are love and sharing. Hatred is self-defeating and self-terminating.
Blog allows my book a wide audience with minimum unnecessary toil – I would rather concentrate on what I can do best. That is, ideate and write.
And if, by chance, I can reach a wide audience, my efforts would be justified.
What say you?

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