Our delusions and entrapment

Exploitation and Parasitic Survival is the result of our untamed egos. One who has tamed one’s ego will not succumb to either exploitation or exploiting others. One will simply move away from a potential exploitative environment and try to empower others.

Untamed egos create fears. Men then try to mitigate those fears. They erect institutions and hedges against the unquenched fears – of cults, collectives, controls.

When we look around we see these institutions everywhere. But these are institutions representing our fearful states, hence they become institutions of fear and ultimately, our untamed egos.

Coupled with these are two very vital ingredients:

(1) That humans are controlled by Economics of Metabolism. The Human Brain runs on mere 15 watts of power. Hence, without incentive humans brains can’t work hard for long.

(2) The tropical climate adversely affects metabolism further. I’ve termed it the Economics of Inclement Summer. Individuals have to reduce their metabolism even further to be comfortable in tropical weather. Human limited ingenuity hence is used to push others down the social hierarchy in order to exploit them – shift the responsibility of manual labour and discomfort upon others.

If observed on a global scale, nearly all the corrupt nations lie where the summer heat and humidity adversely affects metabolism. Humans become puzzled in general by the inclement summer heat and humidity. [However, that does not have to mean that the temperate regions are full of virtuous people. But yes, the exploitation is less oppressive and ubiquitous.]

On the contrary, the societies existing in the coldest regions of the world are better: just look at the Eskimos or the Scandinavians. Why? Only virtuous and hard-working can live and thrive there. Otherwise, if you are a shirker, you will definitely die of hypothermia 😉

Our minds are creative and autocatalytic (creations lead to further creations), both individually and collectively, very slowly but perpetually. As we try to rationalise things so do we generally tend to complicate them. The system becomes increasingly complex and grows beyond our comprehension.

The solution:

When we interact with and establish or perpetuate institutions we need to remember, first and foremost, why these institutions came into being – they were autocatalytically erected to mitigate our fears. We need to keep things simple and try solutions that simplify, rather than enforce further control-mechanisms and complicate matters. Most importantly, we all need to learn how to look within ourselves, read our thoughts, tame our egos and take steps to liberate others from our intent to exploit – and such education should begin with our schooling,

We need to integrate all our knowledge with this fundamental idea. We must remember that with our ever-increasing Circles of Knowledge increases our individual Circles of Ignorance. We won’t solve all the mysteries of the Universe – that’s for sure. Ultimately, we wish to be at peace with ourselves. And we need to know more about ourselves to augment our rationality and empathy, despite the fact that we won’t solve all mysteries. If we stop, we shall stagnate, rote-learn mechanically and repetitively, survive unimaginatively, and ultimately, come back to our former deluded selves and begin again – the vicious cycle shall continue endlessly until evolution replaces us with something better.

Ego can be tamed by inclusivity – we all are interdependent beings, and the interdependence is reflected in societal relationships, biosphere and ultimately the Universe. From this inclusivity arises an all-encompassing love and belonging. When we invest in love and belonging our relationships become autocatalytically positive.

The world is plagued by enormous love- and trust- deficits, and is investing heavily on control-mechanisms, greed and fear. Mankind seems to have lost the plot. The effects are everywhere if one knows how to read the signals. Our sufferings will only increase over time if we don’t act now.

 Remember that since birth our egos and us are one. Only by witnessing other lives with empathy can we learn to isolate our egos from us.

I believe I have completely treated the matter in the above paragraphs, and we are intelligent enough to fill up the dotted lines or colour the pictures. I have written an ebook with some specific issues in mind. They can be had by email upon request only.

A look at the ebook at http://www.rationality.net can be worthwhile. I accidentally found this ebook last week (i.e., 3rd week of January, 2014).