In the end, if this is a simulation, let me out!

I have often realised, shortly after waking up from a dream, that while dreaming I had been believing a construct that is logically untenable. But it amuses me no end that I still did believe the impossible construct while dreaming! Though I was aware, the awareness was of a different kind, of a different entity than myself.
If life is such a dream and an immersive learning environment, where we forget our identity, have a new identity built, grounds-up, and only our innermost traits drive us, it is the best construct ever, allowing certain favourable traits to emerge from a continually evolving, collective, massively-parallel game.
And I’d say to the game-controller(s): I’ve arrived. So let me out of this simulation.
I find no inclination to continue playing this game of limited existence, and the limitations and drawbacks of an anthropic reality are no longer attractive to me. Rather, I am afraid of humans, the depth they can plunge into to satisfy their deluded, unbridled egotism.
I have no intent to alter this game, i.e., to try replacing it with something perceived better. I have only a very limited ability to look into this massive game with almost infinite variables.
What I know for sure is that the system is going to collapse under its own weight, sooner or later, not at one time, but sometime here, sometime, there, and people will still be in the denial mode… the details are in my book. In the present limited existence every change is bound to be limited and convoluted. I’ve understood the game — a setup to learn reining in of the ego and augment autocatalysis, and to learn the history and the general outcome of the game beginning from an initial anomaly in the fabric of space-time to bounded randomness to formation of life and finally sentience — and its limitations, that’s what matters.
Also, that I am responsible for no one but myself!
And, that I am answerable to no one but myself!
And I shall, in my present status, forever exercise my choice and free will, remain sceptical, and not hand over my will to anyone else.
Then why have I written this Blog? To reiterate and reinforce the declaration of my arrival.

Irrespective of whether my life is a simulation, till I am here, I’d choose to hone my skills to identify signals, as fast as possible, to improve myself with even the anthropic constraints, to be in touch with only like-minded people, work together for fulfilling our individual self-interests — creativity, knowledge, wisdom — and to not be exploiters. Exploitation betrays a weakness of character …
So now, let me OUT!
Maybe, when I really wake up I might realise that I am not a biped with two arms, but an octoped with a different body and a different awareness.
Who cares? That awareness might altogether be different from the present one, but doesn’t matter, if the awareness is a definite improvement over the present one.

I would like to be an all-encompassing collective consciousness that can see what every single constituent part is speculating, analysing and acting in real time and the collective outcome of those actions both in real-time and subjectively, where I would like to play an active role in letting each constituent part realise the outcome of its individual wishes, choices, decisions and actions and its aspirations.

Is someone out there listening?