How our powers progressively coerced away by Organised Exploitation Rackets

Recall the Boiling Frog Syndrome?

Look at the history of any country’s on governance. It begins with a King and his men. Then these kings are replaced, when the country is either taken over by another country, or by ordinary members of the same country. This Game, ‘Hawk and Dove’, is now taken over by security-seeking men, and corruption changes form.

Gradually, the organised extortionists widen their tentacles and leave no corner uncovered. They initiate a paid service initially, then after some time make it mandatory. Then over the years, gradually, bit by bit, the mandatory list grows.

Wait a sec: Without your realising when a paid service is made mandatory it becomes …, what? TAX!

Not only this …, and we generally think in terms of white taxes, i.e., when the money we pay is equal to the money asked from us. But there are grey taxes too.

A new Legislative Act is accompanied by a new set of Rules, which we neither understand, nor do we want to understand. We just wish to continue with our lives and pay whatever they want. But this is where, when and how our powers are usurped.

In comes the extortionists’ aides – the accountants, the lawyers, the corporates, …, who collect money from us in the form of direct & indirect extortion. And we don’t have the intelligence to include the money paid them when we look at our increased spendings owing to the new taxes.

Even more, we have to bear with the ignominy meted out by the extortionists and their aides, made to stand in a queue, tolerate their slanders, aspersions and unspoken body language, … , we become diminished in stature, while their stature grow at our expense.

Ultimately, the parasites grow and grow, like cancer, eating away the Social System from the inside.

People understand that nothing works, hope dies, people no longer uphold the Written Law, the Productive stop producing, and from this point, gradually the civilisation crumbles. Parasites try to further enslave people, by brute force this time, but this also doesn’t work. Look at Egypt and the Exodus, the Mycennian, the Greek, the Romans, the Aztec, the Indian, … This is the first iteration of the Game of “Hawk and Dove”.

This Decline of civilisations has happened many times in history, and is waiting to repeat itself.

Until we become Gods this cycle will continue…

For example, see the history of the Service Tax of India and you might get the picture, if you are intelligent.