Humans are really screwed …

Some more on why don’t I like to be human any longer …

I am going to take you to a situation and then ask you a question: You’re really naughty and hyperactive. I can’t control you. So I perform a lobotomy on you. Now you are really calm, but from time to time you try to eat everything you see. You don’t have any reason or autonomous functioning. Then what do I do? Further punish you? …

This God of yours is doing precisely this. He has said he is going to punish us after we die, burning us in hell perpetually for the peculiar body and mindset he as given us.

This God and the cults appear only to torture us, not liberate us. Everything is about reward and punishment.

Yes, what I wrote above is supposed to mean that this construct we have created, and which the government and social system we have based upon, is flimsy. It is going to crash when The System endangers the balance in the ecosystem, and it will crash.

I register my observation that I am not a part of this nonsense and don’t believe even an iota of these construct.

I am so liberated now that I have built an entirely new construct with its fulcrum upon Freedom of Choice and Unrestricted Growth, without this sick God and the sick Taxation System. It is _here_ if someone could really ‘see’. It is based only upon Ensuring of Truth in Transactions between humans, and elimination of the unwise ones.

In this system of mine the Politicians and the evil men are eliminated through the very time-bound, memory-based, written examination system that they have created to enslave us, every six months, for their entire lives, and tax us to sustain them, pretending to provide us with services in return.

How are you liberated and free to choose, facing the consequence of your choices, if you are to obey God?