Just want to vanish forever from life …

Life, from one perspective, is all about the evolution of intelligence. The evolution of intelligence continues in man: as if the Bell Curve bootstraps itself continually via autocatalysis.

I can see a distant future where men become Gods, literally. Not all, but those who want. The history of mankind can also be thought of as an evolution from Disconnected Individual Intelligences to a Connected Hive-Mind via small steps: it began with leaderships in small families, then the local territory, larger groups, etc., like the tribal chiefs, local satraps, kings, emperors, government, corporates and then, via advanced Lie Detection and mind-reading techniques, a group of highly intelligent people coming together and forming covert groups, finding out similar individuals such as themselves and progress, detached from the System. There will be retaliation from the lesser mortals – like the Tall Poppy Story – but ultimately, intelligence shall prevail.

Isolation of the lesser kinds is inevitable. Everyone has the right to self-defend. Either the Super-intelligences have to Gas out the lesser mortals and bring in more predictability and rational rules within the system, or the lesser kind will continue to dominate over the super-intelligent kind, and civilisations will continue to rise and fall, and humankind, to act like animals as it does now.

Imagine, not a single decade has passed where mankind has not fought against each other – in the name of God, religions and groups. And I don’t consider myself belonging to these warring groups. And I want them to vanish from the face of the Earth.

Governments of the present kind – where the pretenders come to grab power and control and exploit the super-intelligent kinds via taxes – will ultimately be phased out. Government system doesn’t work.

Who would, aware of the limited abilities of the human mind, choose to put the self-interests of the others before themselves and wilfully serve the deluded others? Could such choice at all be possible?

By our rational and reasonable deduction alone government service is therefore little else than government self-service at the cost of the majority – it is about complex resource distribution algorithms among plunderers. And only the pathologically parasitic entities appear — with our limited intelligence — to be best suited for this irrational Game of Governance!

The more intelligent ones among us would prefer to sing along — pretend to follow the rules and norms — rather than jeopardise their own survival. Singing along appears to be the greatest pay-off to prolong the survival of the genes. Previously, the collective religious groups – the Pharaohs, the Church, the blah, blah, welded the power. The time for religions is already over, whether somebody understands it or not.

Only the greatest among us know that Singing Along to apparently maximise propagation of our individual genetic material is in itself a self-deterrent to becoming God-like. Justification and compromise are ways to maximise survival, but comes at the cost of rationality and higher intelligence. The brain doesn’t develop to form increasingly higher abstraction levels without existential challenges.

Which is why, with heavy government control (that is, a rapid population growth of the chorus-singers at the cost of the most innovative), civilisations crumble, like they did with the Mayans, the Aztecs, the Egyptians, the Mycenaeans, the Minoans, the Post-Hellenistic Greeks, the Romans, and many others.

Corporations seem to agglomerate the more intelligent kind, but these more intelligent ones are also the ones who succumb to greed or use it as a tool to garner and maximise profits. But there are corporations that have the right ingredients to take the human evolution ahead.

Presently, corporations are not rational. [Rather, there appears to be a huge unholy nexus between corporations and politicians who head most of these corporations — chiefly dealing with energy, mining and weapons. This nexus will ultimately be broken by knowledge-based corporations.] But they will gradually be, by implementing a policy of only Time-limited values for degrees, diplomas and qualifications, and not attributing an eternal value to the certificates like the present practice is.

Instead, tough, numbing, mindless, memory-based, time-bound written examinations every six months for public servants on everything they had learnt since their school-days, none exempt, questions set at real-time using the random number generator, from a huge question-bank maintained in a computer-server and scrutinised publicly – like the Wikipedia – and answer scripts uploaded on public servers for public scrutiny, and we shall see how the pretenders in either the Executive, Legislative, Judiciary or the Tertiary arm of government or public corporations continue to have their way. Security of services should go. People should choose freely, knowing fully well and accepting the repercussion of their choices.

Taxation, a covert means of exploitation, which is enforced by creating a perception of threat by evoking a fear of harassment, losing liberty or bodily harm and emotional trauma, is irrational, immoral and unethical. So is the so-called Government Welfare — actually, serving free meals on a platter — to the lesser kind via various government-sponsored schemes just to secure the survival of the politicians. Politicians trying to implement these schemes must be compelled to share their personal spaces with the people, whose rights they pretend to champion, without usurping the equal rights of those people.

The world is truly a dangerous place for the conscientious to Live in presently:  It is seen as a world-wide phenomenon that people are being Brainwashed into believing that a Degree from an Educational Institution/University leads to a secure job, the higher the Degree, the better the opportunities.

Yes, we do need to educate ourselves to think independently and innovate and create better technologies to automate and make life better. But the world over, every Educational Institution emphasises on Memorisation for excelling in exams, exams are time-bound and written from memory- even when questions are based on applications, questions asked are predictable, and the syllabi, fixed. As if, life is predictable!

Ask any teacher a random question, particularly regarding details, drawing, derivation and computations ON SPOT, without them referring to books or materials, and they will run away as fast as they could.

People in the government are fearful about uncertainties of life, they want control over the unpredictable future. To delude themselves into believing that they are under control, they strive to gain control over us.

How to control us? by Force? The method has repeatedly failed.

The best method is to jumble up the mass – i.e., us. The system of education has been framed precisely to BAR the Eternal Truth: That we are born free and the government is formed BY ALL OF US to provide us with services and our pursuit for happiness. What we get in turn is corruption, cheating and enslavement. They hide the truth that we, the FREE, are the MASTERS and that those in governments are our SERVANTS, and that they can act only when we give them our well-contemplated Consent.

But gradually, some has coerced our powers away from us to enjoy security and entitled-living while we remain in penury and dis-empowerment.

The very educational institutions they have built keeps us from this Universal Truth about Taxation, Freedom and Natural Rights.

The education system is specifically designed to make us go round and round, competing against each other and fill our minds with wrong Ideas to Sustain non-productive parasites, rather than letting us learn only what we wish to learn, via short-term courses and minimalistic, on-demand education.

The education system is designed to coerce us make a False and Small Self-Image using our very own ignorance, guilt and cultus-beliefs against us.

The education deludes us from the Truth – which ought to have been taught at the very beginning of our education, but isn’t.

As rewards for deluding us and keep us deluded those educationalists enjoy secure, entitled and deluded lives.

We are crippled and made dependent upon a tiny share of the extortion money the government collects as taxes, via their controlling of our freedom and right to build resources, whereas they enjoy the largest pie and they become Government Self-Servants.

They have, for the purpose of organised plunder, built boundaries between Undivided lands, restrain us from going from one place to another and keep us under their Illegitimate Control. I reclaim my powers, that was taken away from me since my birth by my ignorance, and their deceit and delusion.

They built False Gods by placing, by deceit, Degree-Holders above us, & placed Eternal Sanctity on those Degrees/Certificates; whereas man doesn’t even have the same powers of contemplation, intelligence and wisdom throughout for even a single day, let aside his entire productive life.

The very Constitution compels us to learn Rules and Regulations to act in compliance with those written, static guidelines, while life is absolutely dynamic. Yet this very demand for compliance is Enslavement and Reduction of our Divine Stature. I don’t even feel the need to put my mind through an Unnecessary Burden :– the defective Acts and Rules that don’t solve any problem, instead create more of them.

They allow the banks and financial institutions to earn profits by investing our money in the market and then pay a nominal interest to us after keeping aside its profits and expenditure. Yet, they again tax us on that nominal interests that we get. This is an explicit Double taxation.

They set up Courts for Supposed Justice, yet we have to run after their officials, lawyers (those supposedly aware of their arbitrary rules which I don’t want to know) and the system – from pillars to posts – which attenuates our supreme nature and puts us into distress, but justice is forever denied us.

They don’t allow Natural Evolution from taking over their powers where the complainants and defendants interrogate each other linked by Advanced Machines like Polygraphs and Brain-mapping when technology for these are already applied in other countries. I say that they do this deliberately to retain control, and their chief supporter is the unproductive mass – those proud owners of various degrees, and devoid of Common Sense and innovative ideas.

But my present issue is this: how do I connect with such supra-intelligent ones, augment my intelligence further and learn new paradigms and epistemology? Or, to avoid this inevitable cycle of birth and death of civilisations do I need to wish that I simply vanish from the face of the Earth? I seek the company of super-intelligent entities and I’m am terribly lonely without their company. Presently, I find myself surrounded by zombies.