Our Teachers Brainwash us into Slavery, have entitled lives in exchange :-)

First of all, Science (including mathematics) education is highly quantifiable, so I focus on science education only.

Have you ever considered the question: What Is Education?

To all of us, nearly 99.9999%, education is about degrees, which in turn are assumed to give us secured, entitled, predictable lives without life-threatening challenges. Most don’t give a thought, but a few use this wisdom to their own petty advantage.

How is this degree procured? We remember facts and figures and solve problems during a Time-Bound, Closed-Book, Memory-Based written examinations. The more able — as determined by those exams — among us go to apparently better Institutions and ultimately procure better jobs (actually mean lesser physical and mental work, with entitlements, and a post-retirement money-back guaranty, for a sedentary life). No one questions them any more about anything. They are the professors.

But ask them the very questions answers to which they had written even a month ago, not excluding anything, including derivations. They would run away from you as fast as they can.

But it is this very thing that we are afraid to ask. Why: because this very asking questions would mean we don’t believe in the government and its conferring degrees and certificates to so-called gifted individuals. Therefore, we become afraid that the government would ‘tag’ us as secessionists and anti-nationals, and thus, we would be liable to be imprisoned.

This Class – the Educationist-Class, the neoplutocrats – is the very class which actually lays the foundations to enslaves us.

How do they do this? They do this by the threat of shaming us overtly, to tell in front of everyone else — that we did not have merit to compete with them and be successful like them, and therefore, we now cry “Sour Grapes“.

This takes me back to my first question : What really is education?

For each one of us, education has a different meaning. We are born and brought up in circumstances unique to each one of us, so we all have different realities. Since we need to feed, clothe and shelter ourselves from the elements, we need to know the world, …. The still popular, authentic and cheap information-sharing medium for humans is books. We have to learn to read them and understand the contents.

For the underprivileged who don’t know how to read and write we have teachers. And then we have special teachers to help us understand specialised words and phrases.

But our realities being unique our needs are unique too! A system just can’t address our every individual needs. So there can’t be a fixed syllabus.

Are our teachers so dumb that what we understand, in as few words as possible, that we have stated herein, they don’t understand?! Is it really like The Emperor’s New Clothes ?

The teachers can’t be dumb! Hence, the only logical analysis is that they want to keep us away from independence and autonomy, in order for them to feed upon our toils.

They team up with our extortionists — the government — to have sedentary lives upon the bedrock of our toils.

An Institution that offers only Minimalistic, Individualistic, Need-based education, without expecting from us to write their examinations, is an institution that actually aims to cater to our needs!

And from what I have observed, there is none!

This mock-game of entitlements and deprivation must go away. I will state how to go about it. Stay with me…