Remember the mechanical starters that accompanied fluorescent tubelights?

Do you remember the mechanical starters that accompanied the fluorescent tubelights? These starters would ensure that the tubelights flickered for some time before emitting a steady, soothing light. A brilliant invention, paling only in comparison to the brilliant light of the tubelight itself!

Recently, one of our prominent newspapers published a story with the headline: Pope Francis declares evolution and Big Bang theory are right . Expectedly, I found that this story was one of the biggest that hit the headlines of the most popular newspapers across the world. And I immediately remembered about tubelights and starters, the only difference being that this tubelight took more than three hundred fifty years in one case, and one hundred years in some others.

If any of my ephemeral readers, or should I rather say, if someone happens to accidentally stumble over one of those Bell Curves that lie in our well-trodden paths, arrives here I would request that a common time be chosen to sing paeans in chorus for this great soul, who is God’s direct messenger to this perilous earth, and to those who hold this great man and his institution in awe.

God, are you listening? I am singing to bring glory to your chosen messenger!

Had I sung this song three hundred fifty years back I would have been ordained a saint! I am so disappointed that the history of the world took such an undesirable turn where we, the paean-singers, are no longer valued (sob)!

Glory to the great man!