Republic and Democracy – A Lose-Lose Game of Selfishness & Scepticism

We, the deluded, forget to look back and question the foundations of our unique reality using First Principles.

By our Suspended Disbelief we sow the Seeds of Our Own Destruction.

The Theory of Democracy and of Republic demands from us an Eternal Vigil against the intents and actions of All Others. A scrutiny of this theory suggests:
1. That our interests are to be of Paramount Importance over everyone else’s.
2. That we have to be sceptical about the intents of All Others.
Controlled Education System is the first and last means to ensure that the above two concepts are NOT taught.

So you doubt these two concepts? You may begin by reading Plato’s Republic (particularly, where he analyses why Democracy is the Least Evil of All States), The Social Contract (Jean-Jaques Rousseau), Two Treatises of Government (John Locke) , Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes), Thomas Paine (Rights of Man), Das Kapital (Carl Marx the economist, on signals of gradually increasing financial controls over our freedom and survival), etc., and continue reading books on the History of Government, Democracy, French Revolution, Group Dynamics, American Independence, etc., or trust me :).

The counter-theory against governance evolved because the first controllers gradually evolved from local chieftains, their armed forces and their endorsing priest-dom (a form similar to papacy), to kingdoms that had an elaborate structure which oppressed and controlled us using Fear as the key.

The counter-theory evolved to accommodate at first a seemingly innocuous observation that we were made in the image of God. It was a small step to conclude that We, made in the very image of God, are Free and no one can enslave us. The Usurpers – people who didn’t have the Power to Produce – evolved further to rationalise the concept of Ruling (a form of taxation to protect the taxed from combined group of the taxmen) from hereditary Kingdoms and arbitrary taxes to organised governance and organised Taxes, and the counter-theory hasn’t kept pace, and won’t, unless a Tipping Point is reached. Eventually, the point will be reached where a lot of us will question the wisdom of paying taxes to sustain the tribe of non-producers world-wide. Then the coerced-Taxation will be replaced by wilful Donation.

It is Us who empower the Constitution. Only then the Constitution can have its power over us. If we withdraw our power from the Constitution it can have no power over us. We are the real Masters, whereas, the government, our servants. In reality, in other words, the non-productive taxmen can only be servants.

However, in most modern democracies-republics, everything we experience is contrary to the First Principles.

Yet, we are at peril because the majority chooses to be dormant over the gradually increasing controls. The anecdote of the Boiling Frog Syndrome comes to mind.

How can we be threatened? By imprisonment, Corporal Punishments, putting us in unsanitary, obnoxious conditions, or removing us from our near and dear ones…

The controllers fear free flow of information. So they’ve built a Schooling System to keep people handicapped, by jumbling up their minds to keep people under their control. I will discuss the state of education in the topic “The Tacit Nexus of The Educators With The Taxmen”. The taxmen fear the Internet, and have been trying hard for a long time to control the Internet, under one pretext or another.

How can we secure our lives? By withdrawing our hands from those parts of the Constitution that allows the representatives to have those very rights over us.

In every country only about 65% of the people vote. Of this 65% only a 67% majority is required for people to form a government. Thus, in reality, only about 44%, a minority, have the power to rule over us, and even this theoretical maximum is seldom reached.

Is participation in these collective games the solution? No, your ideas, my ideas, would eventually be hijacked to become something else.

How can we control our Controllers?

Simple: Those who seek to serve us must surrender their will to the Collective, and hence, must surrender their will and be tested about their readiness to serve and be tested, every six months, in full view of the public, i.e., in Open Public Places,
(i) on the Rules and Regulations, The Constitution, and their Fields of Expertise,
(ii) with a detailed Medical Fitness test, including Obesity Test via buoyancy in water at STP, with sub-cutaneous fat less than 12% (Not via BMI calculation), waistline at least a couple of inches smaller than the chest-circumference, and
(iii) polygraphed about their intent only to serve, not for security or self-interests, repetitively, randomly.

Better be not served rather than ill-served.

Every Servant has to be tested every six months, no excuses. Judges, taxmen, bureaucrats, school-teachers, clerks, accountants, corporates, none left out. No security for servants, just like there is no security for an average individual. If you accept the condition to serve, then serve, else, thank you.

For the above (i) the examination questions has to be selected randomly, in real time, from an Elaborate Question Bank, maintained via Wiki Mode in public domain, just before the time of examination, and no servant should be given an opportunity to skip the examination. The medical test in (ii) has to be via two independent pathological laboratories, with samples stored for future verification.

And we will have purged the system of the non-performers and truly rationalised it.