Finding the basis for the EPR Paradox and Entanglement via an experiment

I contemplated for several years beginning from the year 1990 and wrote a paper named: Inadequacies of the Quantum Phenomena and the hypothesis of RePInULCoPaFil. RePInULCoPaFil is really an acronym, it is Residual Potential Energy and an Infinite Upper and Lower Continuum of Particles and Fields. It is really a Generalised Gauge Theory.

My University (virtually every Indian University) was such a screwed system that it was not only difficult, but impossible, for me to pursue studies to my satisfaction. I was not taught real mathematics, only faux ones, only just enough to pass examinations by rote-learning. Others, who did not question, but rote-learnt, easily got through the filtration mesh, but I, the eternal sceptic, couldn’t rote-learn and pass, without fuss. I had to get out of the system as I respect myself too much to hand myself over for evaluation by representatives from a broken system.

I could not develop the mathematics then, which I have now, using Group Theory and Topology. When I found I couldn’t publish the paper in its then-current form I applied for and received a copyright for the work in 2003.

In 2007 I devised an experiment to check entanglement (EPR paradox) in Phonons using Liquid Helium and wrote to the Chief and the others of the LHC Project, as the Project had just the resources required to test my hypothesis. As usual, I heard nothing from them. I wrote several times to many, but received no reply.

I lament the absence of Einstein. He was the one who brought an obscure mathematics student to fame by publishing his paper as Bose-Einstein Statistics. Others might have usurped it or thrown it away.

I applied for and received a copyright for the work too. The proposed experiment is here and is fairly easy to understand, at least in a nebulous form, by lay individuals.