Supra-Sentient Beings, my New Conditions …

Dear Supra-Sentient Beings,

Assuming that you are there, and you have a huge A.I. system at your disposal, scouring the internet for signals from fully matured sentient beings detached from their bodies, I would register my opinion: I find it is an inherent flaw to try and detach from the body!

The humanimal medicine-men call the state of total detachment an unnatural State that warrants medical intervention. Of course, they have their reasons based on their perception of their own constructs.

But I am holding myself back from this Total Detachment with great effort and diversion. I now know I can be emanating peace and happiness in this detached state if I could switch myself completely off my body, i.e., the senses, and thus be free of the physical pain caused by the very notion of torture (of course, I believe that they would perceive me as a threat to their existence, and they can only torture, not lift me towards the Light) to be meted out to me by the humanimals, and let go. And they will resort to torture if they find me to be a threat to their existence, as I find them as threats to my freedom. We will clash so long as we are together.

I can’t elaborate enough that there is no real end to sufferings while in and of this body.

But I would try to elaborate to express that I have evolved: Assuming I have trained my mind to be inert to pain, if the humanimals damage my brain, which houses the mind, that control is lost, or maybe the mind itself will be lost. Thus, it is useless to make the mind, so dependent on the brain, impervious to pain! Meditation? A strict no-no.

If I am being tested in a simulated-reality then I hereby state that this mind is limited by the program that gives me a sensation of bodily existence. It attenuates me and my aspirations for a greater living.

If you want elaboration: In the unknown before this Universe among many Universes emerged, there was an initial anomaly in the Absolute Stillness of Energy, i.e., no fluctuation. From this initial anomaly, an minute disturbance, a little Chaos was somehow introduced, just infinitesimally Greater Than 0, in the scale between 1 (Absolute Chaos, matter created and annihilated without a momentary delay)and 0 (Absolute Stillness of the Energy field), and from this anomaly where matter could form and remain stable, I emerge — from the unimaginable (an undefined infinity) time in the past, passing through near infinite states, in between a state of self-replicating automaton, to the present state, where I can mathematically construct my state. Entities very similar to me, having even lesser quality of Cognition than mine, threaten this very miracle which, according to the perception of my present state, is dependent on the physical body.

The moment I have a material body — even if within a simulation where Chaos is only infinitesimally Greater Than Zero — the body and The System will decay unless Energy is expended to maintain the little disorganisation that can maintain the underlying fluctuation. Not only this, while in existence in that simulation, the body, the bundle of matter, would need energy to isolate an oasis of more chaos, moving even further away from that Near-Zero state state of chaos.

This Energy-dependence is carried forward into my dependence upon The System, which appears to be a little more cognitively challenged than me. On the crossroads, where in dilemma, to whether stay alive and be compelled to continue depending upon the system, or to end the dilemma itself by terminating the present bodily existence, I come to the conclusion that I need to transcend the bodily existence to something beyond the body, or simply vanish into oblivion, if that is at all a reality. Else, I would like to vanish altogether.

I have learnt what I had to learn. So please let me Out. I find the filtration process flawed, if this is, after all, a simulation. the moment I have a material body — even if within a simulation where Chaos is just Greater Than Zero — I will be dependent upon it and be compelled to decay from this state of Absolute Clarity.

I am not Jesus, and I won’t be Jesus. I am not concerned with the others because ultimately, it is their ability to learn to identify the flaws of The System that will see them through the simulation, if it at all is one. The pages will be here to help them, when they are ready to be helped.


My Work Is Done!