The Permanent Solution : Protection — against enslavement, of freedom

To protect our freedom and from being enslaved we must Control our Controllers.

How can we control our Controllers?

Simple: Those who seek to serve us must surrender their will to the Collective, and hence, must surrender their will and be tested about their readiness to serve and be tested, every six months, in full view of the public, i.e., in Open Public Places,
(i) on the Rules and Regulations, The Constitution, and their Fields of Expertise,
(ii) with a detailed Medical Fitness test, including Obesity Test via buoyancy in water at STP, with sub-cutaneous fat less than 12% (Not via BMI calculation), waistline at least a couple of inches lesser than the chest-circumference, and
(iii) polygraphed, and micro-facial expressions and voice recorded with high-speed recording equipments, about their intent to join service only to serve, not for personal security or self-interests, repetitively, randomly.

Better be not served rather than ill-served.

Every Servant has to be tested every six months, no excuses. Judges, taxmen, bureaucrats, school-teachers, clerks, accountants, corporates, none left out. No security for servants, just like there is no security for an average individual. If you accept the condition to serve, then serve, else, thank you.

For the above (i) the examination questions has to be selected randomly, in real time, from an Elaborate Question Bank, maintained via Wiki Mode in public domain, just before the time of examination, and no servant should be given an opportunity to skip the examination. The medical test in (ii) has to be via two independent pathological laboratories, with samples stored for future verification.

And we will have _purged_ the system of the non-performers and truly rationalised it.


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