Will One forever be imprisoned if the One said this?

The Chief Justice Of one’s Country of Residence,
Through The Head of Registry,
The Supreme Court of The Country,
Address and Zip Code


Because it is possible for me, I’m hereby withdrawing most of my powers and natural rights taken away from me by deceit to empower the Constitution of ______________ that legitimises the State of ______________, and I’m contemplating withdrawal of my power taken away from me by deceit to empower the Constitution of ______________ itself.

Even with this withdrawal I retain, as a person born in this Country, my Natural and Human Rights. I shall be free to move anywhere within the geographical limits of this country and won’t be restrained from the expression of my rights.

You – the Executive, the Legislative, the Judiciary, the Tertiary, etc. – shall have no powers upon me.

I find there is no security in the universe. The notion of security and insecurity exists only in our minds.

The Ruling & the Ruled is a construct of weak, fearful minds trying to reduce / remove the incessant chatter of the mind about insecurities (imagined and real), shifting that burden to the weaker & usurp the rights of the latter – i.e., exploit them. In the Present Construct, you strive to hold men under control by an invisible chain of guilt imposed by the cult and the System, to keep me enslaved to secure your lives, whereas I am left with only an illusory idea of security, enslaved to keep your system and your security untouchable.

Nothing works in your System. It appears to work because people procrastinate.

The powers that I have withdrawn from the Constitution of ______________ could be reconsidered for re-attribution if and only if (iff):

    1. A bi-annual Written Examination for all Government Employees and degree-users, including you and the corporates who collect your taxes, none exempt, is begun, even the government pension holders, every six months in open public places and freely accessible to, and monitored by the public;

    2. Examination papers created real-time from a Question Bank using a Random Number Generating algorithm; maintained Wiki and Wikipedia style, appended and edited by the members of the public, the syllabus being what you’re supposed to have learnt in your entire life span. The power to frame questions for examinations has to be taken away from scheming human examiners.

    3. The answer-scripts uploaded in public servers for open, public access and scrutiny time eternal as reference and record of your Personal History, for your Degrees/Certificates to remain valid for six months.

    4. Then form a team of scientists and moral theorists to question, in Open Public Places the pass-outs using Polygraph and High Speed Digital Camera for recording body response and Micro-facial Expressions respectively, about their integrity and their willingness to submit to the public will, and terminate services of those who fail,

    5. Put the passouts to rigorous medical and physical tests to eliminate services of those whose body fat is more than 10% of body weight (determined by dry and water-submerged weight), who can’t run a kilometre within 10 minutes and are with long-term mental or physical ailments, not willing to serve everywhere and anywhere. They must actually be willing to be transferred anywhere every two years, without exemption.The system has to take care of his pressing problems like ailing parents, education of children, etc.

    6. Politicians appearing to champion some special rights and privileges of some apparently underprivileged groups for the latter’s squatting on public spaces, must be compelled to share their personal and private spaces with these groups without violating the latter’s equal rights, forever.

    7. Educators are to write the same exams with their students to ensure neutrality and uniform standards.

    8. The entire process is expensive, but this is the price we will pay for maintaining vigil against usurpation of our powers and rights. There would be no further need for Secret Ballot, and people will elect themselves by default. We sill save money on abolition of Secret Ballot and non-functional government. Funds and resources will go to those who shall use it for empowering others.

and I shall see how this Plundering Regime survives.

  1. Although it is not imperative for me to explain my decision I will illustrate the reasons for my decision:

Your system is built entirely of :::

(A) Keeping me ignorant of the absolute reality – that I am essentially Free, life is absolutely insecure, and nothing can guarranty my security.

(B) Making me commit, out of that ignorance, what you term as mistakes, and then,

(C) Precisely holding that mistake against me and attenuate & enslave me for my entire life.

  1. Taxation is a form of eulogised word for extortion, instilling a fear for physical, mental and emotional Restraints and Harms on the taxpayers, and therefore is unethical and immoral, however hard you try to rationalise the rules.

    1. Acts of charity, defence, health-care or reform, that is sought to be achieved by taxation, is always possible by wilful donations. Yet you enforce progressively-increasing taxation upon us, directly or indirectly, for your comforts, with amenities and freedom from the tensions and uncertainties of life, while we perpetually languish in penury, fear, enslavement, uncertainties and under restraint. You keep us mute by offering some among us trifle shares of that plunder, re-defining it as Subsidy.

    2. Your Preferential Taxation Regimen is detrimental to the freedom-lovers, inventor-entrepreneurs (I am not referring to your Degree-Holders).

    3. The beneficiaries of your taxation regimen are the ones who illegally occupy the best of public and private premises, including roads, buildings, etc., and are incapable to produce.

  2. I am born free and the government was formed to provide us with services and aid in our pursuit for happiness, that we, the FREE, are the MASTERS, and that the government, our SERVANT, and that you can act only when we give you our well-contemplated Consent. But presently, what we get instead is corruption, cheating, a faulty mal-education system, delusion and enslavement.

  3. The very educational institutions you have built keeps us from this Universal Truth about Taxation, Freedom and Natural Rights.

    1. The Education System is specifically designed to make us go round and round in circles – competing against each other – and fill our minds with wrong, conflicting Ideas to Sustain non-productive parasites, rather than allowing us to learn only, and if at all, what we wish to learn – via short-term courses and minimalistic, on-demand education.

    2. Your Education System is designed specifically to coerce us make a False and Small Self-Image using our very own ignorance, guilt and cult against us.

    3. Your education deludes us from the Universal Truth – which was ought to have been taught at the very beginning of our education, but wasn’t – that there is no security in the Universe, that we’re Free and it is my Free choice to decide how Shall I enjoy my Freedom and Pursuit of Happiness!

    4. As rewards for deluding us, and keep us deluded, those educationalists enjoy secure, entitled and deluded lives without existential challenges that we face.

    5. You have made us crippled and dependent upon you, via your controlling of our freedom and right to build our own resources. You have become Government Self-Servants.

    6. You have, for the purpose of organised plunder, built boundaries between Undivided lands, restrain us from going from one place to another and keep us under your Illegitimate Control. I reclaim my powers, that was taken away from me since my birth by my ignorance, and your deceit and delusion

    7. You have built False Gods by placing, by deceit, Degree-Holders above us, placed Eternal Sanctity on Degrees/Certificates, whereas man doesn’t even have the same powers of contemplation, intelligence and wisdom throughout for even a single day, let aside his productive life.

  4. Your Constitution compells us to learn your Rules and Regulations to act in compliance with those written, static guidelines, while life is absolutely dynamic. Yet this very demand for compliance is Enslavement and Reduction of our Divine Stature. I don’t even feel the need to put my mind through an Unnecessary Burden :– Your defective Acts and Rules.

  5. You allow the banks and financial institutions to earn profits by investing our money in the market and then pay a nominal interest to us after keeping aside its profits and expenditute. Yet, you again tax us on that nominal interests that we get. This is an explicit Double taxation.

  6. You have set up Courts for Supposed Justice, yet we have to run after officials, lawyers (aware of your arbitrary rules which I don’t want to know) for protection, and the system – from pillars to posts – which attenuates our supreme nature and puts us into distress, but justice is forever denied us. You don’t allow Natural Evolution from taking over your powers. I would rather have the complainants and defendents interrogate each other, linked by Advanced Machines, like Polygraphs and Brain-mapping when technology for these are already applied in other countries. I say ::: you do this deliberately to retain control, security and your relavance to the system, and your chief supporter is the non-productive, opportunistic mass.

  7. There is no ‘Right to have peace and Silence’ in the Constitution of ______________, and the boisterous, uncivil take to the streets and display their might, cult and/or wealth with Amplifiers and Loud-speakers and ruin our need for silence.

  8. Some of the public services you offer in the form of Registration and Licensing of Motor Vehicles and Public Distribution System attenuate our stature as humans. Every motor vehicle or ration office is surrounded by middlemen, and the rules are designed to make us do as many rounds as possible till we fix a pimp to solve our issue.

  9. Why should I be made to stand in a queue in order to receive services when I am taxed? Service providers, who need our money or vote, should come to me individually, or provide services over the internet.

  10. The cronies you have appointed to look after us, such as the police, the healthcare, the teachers or the army, are just like the criminals we despise, in their attitutdes and demeanour. They are antithetic to my sensibilities. Go and stay in a police lock-up or Jail for one evening as a common man. It is filthy, degrading and uncouth for a normal human being. The experience doesn’t emancipate.

  11. You allow corporates who, in addition to agreeing to your arbitrary taxation laws for their ensured survival, collect from us taxes & sustain you and your political parties, and sell services to us at an arbitrarily-escalated price, and they in turn bundle useless services with only the services we need. This is anti-entrepreneurial spirit. Removal of taxation will abolish the practice.

  12. In connivance with the Corporates and Banks, you have created a Fiat Currency which is designed to make us poorer and weaker, and you, the beneficiaries, more powerful. This fiat currency has no intrinsic value.

  13. The enclosed sheets illustrate how your courts and your crony Lawyers&/Advocates function under the illusory Rule of Law. These have become institutions for breeding Unholy Nexus.

  14. You and your kind draw arbitrary boundaries, and name them country, jurisdiction and state, to divide the earth, keep us confined to one place and keep us enslaved. While you and your cronies grow in stature, our power to travel to and settle at any place around the globe is attenuated. The Act is like the animals marking their territories and their harems. Shame on you, you say you are made in the image of God!

  15. You shall NOT restrain or torture me or any of my immediate family members, but you are FREE TO KILL ME, if you wish to continue with your deceit and do not let go of your controls, to put to an end my misery because of this deceit of yours. I have committed very few mistakes even while I was kept deluded from the truth by your institutions, but I am now FREE and won’t yield any longer to your deceits; and actually DESIRE that I be killed. Otherwise, I shall kill myself if I am forced to comply, or my family is in any way harmed from earning its livelihood. I shall not fight you, I will transcend you.

  16. You would arrest and maim me, either physically or mentally, or set against me your anti-humane agents to break me, my body will eventually break and I shall be set free. And if there is INDEED a God be prepared to bear the consequences.

  17. I have directed God, if He is actually there, NOT to have any mercy upon you if your intents, actions and applications of minds aren’t genuine.

  18. I don’t believe He is God who accepts bribes and has special preferences for even the corrupt who pray, using amplifier-loudspeakers to be heard over others’ prayers, and who bend down before Him. These acts appear to me as hungry chicks outdoing other chicks to grab their parent-bird’s attention to get more food. We are not born in litters. We are not animals. We are Gods. I am made in the Image of God.

  19. In the end, mark my words: since you and your cronies have left, whatever remain of the idea called ______________, as ransom to the world’s richest economies against only fiat currency, a day will come, if you don’t amend your ways, that this land is divided among, and sold to, these corporate-controlled world-economies, and you wouldn’t have talents who could save you from what wrong you have done. I shall have no share of your irrational, greedy actions.



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